I am constantly trying to portray the places in which time loses its strength and energy, heart ‘decelerates’ and its rate decreases, the places of melodic silence and eternal play. These are nonverbal notes of space within which we all may encounter and truly recognize ourselves. I mostly use the objects found in my surroundings, taken from the world of advertising and mass media and incorporate them into my paintings. I need all these objects because they represent the commonplace of perception. Then, I further model these objects according to my completely arbitrary plan, and my internal intuition, and with minimum of any intervention I bring new meaning to them (and even convey new meaning), perhaps even the metaphysical meaning*, to such extent that up until then, all well-known and recognizable objects lose their former purpose, meaning, and function, and thus, they become “non-objects”, essentially space and time of the mental picture, spiritual and innermost self.

*Some art critics have characterized my work as a “Metaphysical Pop Art “- see text: Lj.Gligorijevic, “PAINTING AND THROWING THE STRING”, gallery ULUS, Belgrade, 2009. / ISBN 978-86-82765-55-4.

Dragan Zdravkovic

(Translated by: Miloš D.Djurić)